Apple Watch Feedback


  • Add a NFC antenna in the wrist strap for better use with vertical NFC payment terminals.
  • Allow third party watch faces.
  • Add the option to display seconds in the different watch faces.
  • Add a round watch to the AppleWatch line up.
  • Give a warning message when the AppleWatch loses its connection with the iPhone.
  • Add AirPlay support to watchOS.
  • Add Siri support for the speaker in the AppleWatch.
  • Allow Siri commands to the AppleWatch to be executed on a different device, for example on an AppleTV. Siri, show my calendar on the AppleTV.
  • Add these apps to watchOS:
    • Reminders
    • Notes
    • Podcasts
  • Allow Siri to be used to make notes.
  • Display HTML e-mails, not just text-only e-mails.
  • Allow buttons and menu items to be user configurable.
  • Make the AppleWatch fully usable by only using the hardware buttons. This fixes a.o. the 'sweaty finger' issue with the touch display.
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Add visual projection to the AppleWatch. See the Cicret Bracelet for inspiration.


Check the Apple discussion forums for your issue. If you find a thread, include the link in your Feedback Form submission.


If you experience a bug or would love to see a feature added, let Apple know! Send them your remarks, ideas or bug reports via the Feedback Form on their website.
If you're a developer, you can submit a detailed bug report via the Apple Bug Reporter.