AppleTV Feedback


  • Make tvOS apps state aware; a video should resume when returning to the app after an app switch.
  • Allow the AppleTV to run iPhone and iPad apps in compatibility mode, just like running iPhone apps on the iPad.
  • Add app categories to the tvOS App Store; improve app discoverability in the tvOS App Store.
  • Currently it's not possible to view app reviews, nor to write one directly from within the App Store on tvOS. Please add this functionality.
  • The text in a 'future rent/stream date' box is too small; the text won't fit for non-English languages.
  • Invent a 'find my remote' function.
  • Add an audio output (lightning/3.5mm) to the AppleTV remote, f.e. by adding the W1 chip. That way, wired headphones can be used in a wireless fashion.
  • Add a web browser to tvOS.
  • Create a monthly all-in service for iTunes movies and series, just like Apple Music.
  • Add 4K support to the AppleTV.
  • Add these items to the main interface:
    • Recently watched
    • Favorites
    • Watch list
  • Add an Airplay option that scales the app UI to the available screen estate (leaving the current 1-to-1 mirroring solution also available). This way it'll be possible to use the monitor/tv screen estate more efficiently.
  • Add support for the viewing of Photos and iMovie libraries of other users.
  • Allow the local storage of Photos and iMovie content. Currently, constant buffering and rendering make Photos tedious to use with large photo collections.
  • Add iTunes U to tvOS.
  • Create an AppleTV management app, f.e. to manage the app icons through an iPad app, instead of using the (tedious) AppleTV remote process to accomplish this.
  • Add continuity to tvOS. Allow an iPhone or iPad app (or process like music of video) to transfer directly to an AppleTV. Use an AppleTV as an external display for the app.
  • Allow FaceTime on the AppleTV, for example by allowing a (third party) webcam over USB or Bluetooth, or by using the AppleTV as an external display for an iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  • Add picture-in-picture support to tvOS.
  • Add music visualizers to audio playback on tvOS.
  • Support 3D gaming in combination with HDMI 1.4 and a 3D capable TV.
  • Add a central Notification Center for tvOS. It would be the central place to see if new eppisodes have been added or other app specific news/update items.
  • Allow for local persistent storage (f.e. an offline mode for apps like Netflix or Infuse Pro).
  • In addition to MapKit, add a full version of Apple Maps to tvOS.
  • There are too much gun (violence) movies/series on iTunes, while there are no porn (love/fun) movies/series available. Make love, not war.
  • Add support for Miracast.


  • Add local file discovery (incl. NAS shares) to Siri, including the ability to interpret meta-data about media files.
  • Couple Siri with Apple News, and use speech to find articles about a certain subject.
  • Add Siri support for the speakers connected to the AppleTV.


Check the Apple discussion forums for your issue. If you find a thread, include the link in your Feedback Form submission.


If you experience a bug or would love to see a feature added, let Apple know! Send them your remarks, ideas or bug reports via the Feedback Form on their website.
If you're a developer, you can submit a detailed bug report via the Apple Bug Reporter.