macOS Feedback


  • GPU drivers are not updated frequently enough, both for Nvidea and AMD. Also, the supported OpenGL version is lagging behind. See this post.
  • Improve the Window Management in macOS. See the Window Tidy and HyperDock apps for inspiration.
  • Add an 'airplane mode' to macOS.
  • Add Night Shift support to macOS.
  • Add a Dark Mode to macOS.
  • Add HomeKit support/management to macOS.
  • Add the Health app to macOS.
  • Add a system-wide DPI switch for font- and UI scaling. This way, users need only one metric to be set for them to have a consistently scaled system UI.
  • Add support to access the following file systems to macOS (both external HDD and USB drives):
  • Improve the support for new web standards in Safari. See Safari Tech Preview
  • Add Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and WebVR support to Safari/macOS. Take the old QTVR foundations to create a new implementation for VR/AR.
  • Add WebM and WebP support to Safari on macOS.
  • Add the following Xiph codecs to macOS. They are often used on the web, most notably on Wikipedia and MediaGoblin. Spotify already uses OGG Vorbis within its app.
  • Safari currently doesn't support image drag-n-drop functionality on Google Image Search. Both Firefox and Chrome do have this support.
  • Safari currently has no support for encrypted blob decryption with write-to-disk. Systems like TutaNota use this approach for e-mail attachments, but Safari is the only browser that lacks support for this solution.
  • Add Safari App Extensions to the App Store for purchase and/or download, just like on iOS. This might bring more high-quality App Extensions to Safari.
  • Add a native feature for MESH networking to macOS. This is a valuable functionality during festivals, disasters and within repressive regimes. See this Wikipedia article, the Firechat app (video) or the Serval Project (video) for inspiration.
Get info

Improve the 'Get info' context menu in macOS. See Behance for inspiration.

  • Add a password mechanism to the default ZIP functionality of macOS. See the KeKa app for inspiration (and support for other formats like 7-zip).
  • Add support for all 3 main types of color blindness: Deuteranomaly (red-green), Protanomaly (red-green) and Tritanomaly (blue-yellow). See Android accessibility for inspiration.
  • Add a dark mode to Safari: dark background with light text.
Display bug

Fix the macOS external display bug: VGA and HDMI displays are shown with a wrong screen size and resolution.

  • Allow the appearance (width) of the insertion point to be changed, per application or system wide.
  • Make the 'delete' keyboard key perform the same action as 'cmd'+'backspace'. This is more in line with Windows and Linux user expectations.
  • Allow to set a separate language for Maps versus macOS.
  • Improve the macOS Dashboard screen. New dashboard widgets can't be submitted and the development tool isn't updated anymore. See this article.
Picture unlock

Add a picture unlock mechanism to macOS. See Windows 8.1 for inspiration.

  • Improve the app removal process to include all files linked to the removed app. See AppZapper for inspiration.
  • Add Rogue Amoeba and Omni Group app functionalities natively to macOS, especially the audio tools.
  • In corporate environments WiFi passwords change regularly, often by policy enforcement. Currently, macOS doesn't detect this password change and doesn't bring up a pop-up to enter the new password. Instead, the user is forced to lookup the WiFi network, make the device 'forget' it and then do a full procedural pairing. Please improve the usability of this procedure.

macOS Server

  • Improve the long-term support for macOS Server installations, f.e. by allowing people to download older versions of Due to the App Store, this is currently difficult.
  • Prevent future repurchases for owners of current macOS Server installations. This 'double charging' doesn't occur on macOS or App Store apps either.



  • Allow iTunes to be open in multiple windows, f.e. to accommodate 2 different playlists.
  • Add Apple Music support for the Nano en Shuffle iPods.
  • Add in-app purchases to iTunes device backups. Currently, all in-app purchases need to be manually re-enabled after a restore, wich is time-consuming.
  • Add a search field for the internet radio stations. It's currently impossible to search through all radio stations with one search query.
  • Please fix the issues while syncing an iDevice via USB. Often messages like 'invalid response' or 'empty/unknown session ID' appear in iTunes while updating iOS via USB, possibly due to a slow response from the iDevice.
  • Why do deleted apps on an iDevice reappear after an iTunes sync? Please make sure that deleted apps won't be reinstalled after an iTunes sync. See this thread.
  • Allow torrent apps in the macOS App Store.

iTunes Connect

  • Make it possible to revert to a previous version of an app. In the case of a bug in the new app version, there is no way to revert to the previous version within iTunes Connect. In Google Play this functionality is present. This is an important issue in large organisations, especially in combination with a long review process.
  • Make a version of the Application Loader available for Linux/Unix or Windows. Currently a Mac is mandatory for the .ipa binary upload, while all other items can be managed in a web interface. Add the file upload to the web interface as well.
  • Add a WiFi debugging option to iOS and Xcode. That way developers can monitor the battery drain of their apps and code, without the current need of a mains connection over USB.
  • Create an Xcode version for iOS.


Check the Apple discussion forums for your issue. If you find a thread, include the link in your Feedback Form submission.


If you experience a bug or would love to see a feature added, let Apple know! Send them your remarks, ideas or bug reports via the Feedback Form on their website.
If you're a developer, you can submit a detailed bug report via the Apple Bug Reporter.