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iOS10 feature wish list

iOS10 Wish List

Detailed article on the iOS10 feature wish list: page 1 and page 2.

  • Add Notification sync to iOS (clear notifications on all iDevices simultaneously).
  • Create a global Apple MVNO to allow global roaming, calling and data usage included in a fixed price.
  • Add Siri continuity to, f.e. pick up a conversation on another device.
  • Add multi-user support to iOS, especially on the iPad. Optionally, add a 'Guest Mode' for access to (pre)approved apps.
  • Setting a default app for browsing, mail and navigation is currently impossible. Please add this feature.
  • Add a native translation tool to iOS. Currently, this can only be done by a Safari Extension.
  • Add specific 'website search' functionality to Safari. See Firefox for iOS and this article for inspiration.
  • Double-tap the power button to turn on the flash light.
  • Add an option to hide the carrier name when not roaming.
  • Make Control Center customizable, f.e. icon positions, third party apps etc.
  • Add a Low Power Mode toggle to control center.
  • Allow iPhone apps run on an iPad (in 1x zoom mode) to be displayed in landscape view. Currently only portrait view is available.
  • Make all native iOS apps available in landscape mode as well.
  • Bluetooth is always enabled when an iOS update finishes. Please keep the state as it was before the update.
  • Add/allow more iOS stock apps on the iPad. Currently, these apps are present on the iPhone, but are missing on the iPad:
    • Apple Watch
    • Calculator
    • Compass
    • Health (and by extension Medical ID)
    • Music
    • Passbook
    • Stocks
    • Voice Memos
    • Weather
  • Add clickable links to the Reminders app.
  • Allow apps to be located anywhere on the springboard gird. Currently, the first app will always be in the top left corner of the springboard, with no option to place it elsewhere on an (empty) springboard.
  • Add an App Launcher, just like on macOS, to find and launch apps. Don't force app icons on the springboard.
  • Place a newly downloaded app on the first free position on the springboard. Currently, the app is often placed on a whole new spingboard page.
  • Allow system wide font changes. See the AnyFont and BytaFont2 apps for inspiration.
  • Add a Dark Mode to iOS.
  • Add support for all 3 main types of color blindness: Deuteranomaly (red-green), Protanomaly (red-green) and Tritanomaly (blue-yellow). See Android accessibility for inspiration.
Call notification

Add a non-intrusive call notification. See Callbar.

Lock screen widgets: prevent misuse of access and/or impersonation through lock screen widgets, while not authenticated by iOS via TouchID or a passcode.

  • Tap and hold a message in Notification Center to get to its menu item in Notifications of that particular app.
  • Add native support for iPad screen extension. See the Duet Display app for inspiration.
  • Allow an iPad to function as an external display, for example to connect to a satellite receiver in a camper; let the iPad accept inbound video signals (CVBS, RGB, HDMI etc).
  • Add support for more than 2 windows in Split Screen mode.
  • Improve multitasking for the iPad. F.e. allow Split Screen for more apps — including instances of the same app — allow for more than 2 screens at once, add window hovering, copying and dragging items from one screen to the other etc.
  • Allow 2 windows from the same app in Split Screen mode. Currently this only works for Safari.
  • Allow conditional widgets: f.e. only show the Spotify widget when Spotify is playing music.
  • Add the aptX Bluetooth codec to iOS. AptX delivers improved audio quality to AptX enabled headsets.
  • Improve the support for new web standards in Safari. See Safari Tech Preview
  • Add Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and WebVR support to Safari/iOS. Take the old QTVR foundations to create a new implementation for VR/AR.
  • Add better web-app support to Safari. See this article.
  • Add a download manager to Safari. Currently it's not possible to download files (f.e. .mp3, .mov etc) directly from Safari to Photos, Videos, Music etc.
  • Add a file explorer to iOS. Especially on the iPad (Pro) this is a much requested feature. See iExplorer for inspiration.
  • Bring 'Versions' to iOS (document history/version control).
  • Add media player multi threading to iOS; f.e. watch a video while listening to a different audio stream (Youtube video + Spotify audio, iTunesU presentation + TuneIn audio).
  • Improve the square GUI that appears when changing the volume; it sometimes interferes with the active app. See Youtube's implementation of the volume indicator.
  • Add WebM and WebP support to Safari on iOS.
  • Add the following Xiph codecs to iOS. They are often used on the web, most notably on Wikipedia and MediaGoblin. Spotify already uses OGG Vorbis within its app.
  • Add the following codecs to iOS.
  • Add native DjVu support to iOS.
  • Add native QR-code support to iOS.
  • Add native h.265 support to iOS (not just in Facetime).
  • Add native Microsoft Office and ODF file support to iBooks.
Voice Recorder

Add voice activation to the Voice Recorder app.

  • Add double speed video playback to iOS (currently this only works for podcasts).
  • Add stereo audio to a video recording.
  • Give the opportunity to share your Health statstics online.
  • Allow to export Apple Health data to PDF; this would be a convenient way to share the data with a doctor or physician.
  • Add a print option to the aggregated Health statistics.
  • Add a 'waist girth' item to the Body Measurements list.
  • Couple Health statstics (and ResearchKit) with an award system, online and offline (privacy).
  • Make 'Settings' a split-view enabled app.
  • Add more (visible) apps to the multitasking view. That way it's easier to find a given app, without much scrolling and with improved usability.
  • Instead of 'set wallpaper' on Settings icon 3D Touch press, add 'set hotspot' to this context menu.
  • Couple an external TouchID sensor - f.e. on an iPhone - to a Mac, so you can use a fingerprint to unlock apps on the Mac. See MacID for inspiration.
iOS Contacts

1) It's not possible to change the order of a contact's phone numbers. Please improve this.

2) Allow the creation of groups in Contacts.

3) Improve the deletion of a contact. Currently, this takes too many steps.

Data Graph

Add an extended data usage graph to iOS.

  • Decouple the Safari 'clear history' and 'clear website data' in two separate buttons. Currently, you can't delete the history without deleting all (session) cookies as well.
  • Keep Safari tabs open when clearing the cookies/cache.
  • When opening a crash log in iOS (Settings → Privacy → Diagnostic & Usage Data), there's no 'Select All' context menu, making a tedious manual selection the only way to copy the crash log. Please add a 'Select All' option there.
  • Make it possible to sort crash logs on date.

Allow the BOINC app to run natively on an iOS device, for example within the ResearchKit framework. See the BOINC homepage and this forum thread.

Samsung and HTC already have support for BOINC built-in (Samsung Power Sleep and HTC Power to Give). IBM also has a BOINC initiative called World Community Grid which is focussed on finding cures for diseases.

Samsung: Doing good while we sleep (Youtube)
HTC: Introducing HTC Power To Give (Youtube)
HTC: Join HTC's Power to Give (Youtube)

Firefox Title

Show the page title in the address bar of Safari after loading a page, instead of the URL/hostname (and the title only in the tab overview). Add an option to toggle this behavior. See Firefox on Android for inspiration.

  • Add an overview of stored WiFi networks to iOS, where these can be removed without the (current) need to be in the range of that WiFi network, or by deleting all network settings. See this app.
  • Make it possible to view the password of stored (or current) WiFi networks in iOS. It's a common problem: wanting to give a visitor WiFi access while not remembering the WiFi network password. Prevent this option from functioning in RADIUS/802.1X enforced networks.
  • Make it easier to change to a different WiFi network. In the current UI, this takes too much steps.
  • Add WiFi-Direct support to iOS. See the SuperBeam app for inspiration.
  • iOS will connect to the first WiFi network available, based on alphabetical order. Please improve this behavior, see the WiFi Priority app for inspiration.
  • Add Bluetooth (OBEX) and NFC file transfer to iOS. See AirBlue Sharing for inspiration.
  • Allow greater access to NFC features in iDevices. For example, for pairing an iPhone to a NFC enabled camera.
  • Add a native feature for MESH networking to iOS. This is a valuable functionality during festivals, disasters and within repressive regimes. See this Wikipedia article, the Firechat app (video) or the Serval Project (video) for inspiration.
  • Bump two iPhones to share an appointment, f.e. via NFC.
iOS Mail

The link to 'Load all images' in iOS Mail should be positioned above the message, not below as it currently is. This link only appears when the user has disabled the setting 'Load remote images' under Mail, Contacts, Calendars in the Settings menu.

  • Add support for 'read receipts' in iOS Mail.
  • In iOS Mail, add a 'snooze' feature to incoming mail and replay the snoozed mail as incoming mail at a set later point in time.
  • Add more filters to the iOS Mail inbox; show only mails from today, mails with attachments, mails from VIPs etc).
  • Allow e-mails to be exported to PDF format. This is ideal for printing or forwarding purposes.
  • Allow iOS Mail to mute all incoming mail, except those from predefined VIPs. The VIP list in Contacts can be used for this purpose.
  • Add an option to set the length of time for local message storage in Mail. This prevents a large local repository file of old e-mails.
  • Allow for an optional HTML signature to outgoing mail. Currently, plain text is the only option for a signature.
  • Add a do-not-disturb option to a specific mailbox. That way I will receive notifications of private mail while f.e. my work mail will be muted.
  • Add super- and subscript to the default keyboard. In apps like Mail and Notes it's currently impossible to add super- or subscript (and many more characters) from the default keyboard. An Unicode app is currently needed for that.
  • Improve the (third-party) keyboard switching speed. Also improve third-party keyboard functionality, f.e. to include Siri dictation and predictive text.
iOS Call Recorder

Add an option to record phone conversations. See the iOS Call Recorder app for inspiration.

  • Add an offline mode for Siri. Things like 'call xxx' and 'open xxx' should be available offline as well.
  • Allow Siri to run Picture-in-Picture instead of full screen on the iPad, to improve efficient usage of screen estate.
  • Give Siri the capability to auto-answer non-caller-ID calls with a voice message stating they can leave a voicemail or call back with caller-ID enabled.
  • Add textual support to Siri; speaking out loud isn't accepted in some public environments.
  • Add better support for follow-up questions, make Siri more context aware.
  • Make Siri learn if you like 'witty' responses or not. This allows Siri to be better usable in corporate environments.
  • Make Siri confirm any action it is about to perform. Add a toggle in Settings to define its preferred behavior.
Connection popup

When there is no internet connection, a popup appears on every app launch. This should be decreased to only once per session or time slot.

  • Add the option to give an app temporary access to sensors or system resources like the camera, microphone or the address book. Currently it's only possible to allow or refuse this access, but not based on a time limit, f.e. for the next hour I allow this app access to my camera.
  • Apps cannot close themselves, while this could be very handy, f.e. when you log out of your banking app. See Stackoverflow.
  • Allow the iDevice to be used while using AirPlay to stream content to an external device, f.e. an Apple TV.
  • Add multi-room Airplay support to iOS.
  • Allow for custom dynamic backgrounds to be added. Currently, you can only choose from a few pre-selected dynamic backgrounds with no option to add your own.
  • Allow third party web browsers with full third-party engine support. See Firefox and Opera for inspiration.

Make it possible to add an external display, keyboard and mouse to the iPhone. See Windows 10 Continuum and Ubuntu Edge as examples.

  • Show a set alarm time directly at the Lock Screen. Currently, it is only visible under the 'Today' pulldown menu.
  • Allow apps to change the Lock Screen background. See the Astronomy picture of the day app for inspiration.
  • Add VNC support to iOS, so people can get external support for their devices. Access to your own devices (while at a different location) is also possible this way. See this article and the Veency app.
  • Add an 'iClean' app to iOS for the clearing of caches and freeing up memory. Ideally, automate this whole process without the need of any user interaction. See the PhoneClean app for inspiration.

Apple Maps

  • Add a 'bicycle' option next to 'car' and 'walk'.
  • Add the current vehicle speed to the UI.
  • Add the current maximum road speed allowed to the UI. Give a (user controlled) warning when the driver exceeds this speed limit.
  • Make it possible to edit the route after it has been calculated. Currently you can only cancel the entire route instead of just changing the departure or destination address/location. Also applies to Apple Maps on macOS.
  • Improve indoor maps and location tracking. See Windows Phone maps for inspiration.
  • Don't make the speech generator say foreign street names; the result is unintelligible.
  • Allow to set a separate language for Maps versus iOS.
  • Make Apple Maps capable of solving difficult, but real-life travel issues:
    • How to get from location A to location B in the shortest amount of time, combining real-time road traffic with real-time public transport delays (when the mode of transport is not important, just the travel duration itself).
    • At what time do I need to leave my location if I want to see the sunset at location X (combining real-time traffic with a location-aware solar/lunar cycle prediction).
    • At what time do I need to leave my location for ideal surfing winds at location X (combining real-time traffic with location-aware weather predictions).
    • At what time should I leave my location when I need to attend a meeting at location X, to which one attendee has indicated being 30 minutes late (combining predicted traffic congestion on-route with real-time appointment changes).
Google Maps

Add a 'via' routing option. Currently it's not possible to create a route A to B via C. See Google Maps for inspiration.

  • Allow offline storage of (parts of) the map. See Here Maps or for inspiration.
  • Use more data from the OpenStreetMap project; (road) changes seem to be added more quickly and POI data is often more elaborate than the current set in Apple Maps.
  • Use the compass to determine the vehicle orientation directly after finishing the route calculations. It often happens that the turn-by-turn view is 'heading' in the wrong direction, followed by a 'map flip' as soon as the vehicle starts moving, resulting in unnecessary (re)route calculations and driving distance.
  • Give Apple Maps a simple (global) static map, on disk, preventing the blank white screen whenever the device is offline, or when data transfer speeds are slow. Never show a blank, empty grid when opening Apple Maps.
  • Allow for a way to distinguish between search types, f.e. bussiness types, business by name and by address.
  • Allow (international) searching on ZIP code or area name, resulting in Apple Maps showing a highlighted area. See OpenStreetMap for inspiration. Use this highlighting instead of dropping a pin when searching for a city or area.
  • Make maps more location aware. Searches are more likely to be found in the direct vicinity, instead of dropping a pin on the other side of the country.
  • Allow searching for neighborhoods, city limits, riviers, regions etc, highlighting them when found.
  • Add extra overlay map data (optionally as third party App Store purchases), f.e. land values, demographics, natural disaster zones etc.
  • Make it possible to create and share custom made FlyOver tours. F.e. I could generate a FlyOver path to my house for directions.
  • Add a video export option to (custom) FlyOver tours. This makes it easy to share the FlyOver tour on social media and on video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Add global public transport data to Apple Maps. Especially in Europe, much of this data is already available.
  • Allow detailed maps (biking, hiking, sea, waterways, theme parcs, ski resorts etc) to be downloaded (free or paid) as third party in-app purchases to Apple Maps.

iMessage and Facetime

  • Add support for group Facetime (Audio) calls.
  • When starting a new iMessage, show the most recent contacts as the first list options.
  • Allow to set a group image/icon for iMessages group-chats, just like on WhatsApp, Telegram etc.
  • Add Facetime (audio) support to Apple Support employees. This way calling the Apple helpdesk becomes free of charge, the sound quality will go up and a video stream can be added, f.e. for system tutorials or demonstrations.
  • Give Facetime Audio the ability to place and accept calls to normal (international) phone numbers. See Skype or Google Voice for inspiration and features.
  • Give Facetime Audio the capability to call WebRTC users, SIP users and standard PSTN or mobile users. This would greatly expand the usefulness of Facetime audio, and give devices like the iPod Touch and iPad a way to place voice calls to non-iOS users.
  • Release Facetime (Audio/Video) clients for these platforms: Android and a Universal Windows App. Also create a web-client in, so Linux and UNIX users can connect as well. This would greatly expand the usefulness of iMessage.
  • Add an 'unread' option to iMessage conversations, just like with e-mail messages.
  • Add Facetime video messages alongside the current Facetime audio messages.
  • Create an easy way to export SMS/iMessage messages, f.e. by e-mailing them to an external address or by backing them up via iTunes.
  • Allow iPads to send SMS messages. This is sometimes needed to activate data bundles on prepay SIM cards in cellular enabled iPads.
  • Add the option to share appointments/calendar items via iMessage, just like pictures, audio, video and locations. Currently this is not possible.
  • Allow for a profile picture to be added to iMessage and Facetime accounts.
  • When placing a FaceTime call, the CallerID is always visible, even when the CallerID is set to hidden in the Settings → Phone menu.
  • Incoming FaceTime/phone calls over WiFi: 2nd or 3rd device doesn't stop ringing after 1st device has answered the call.
  • Add an option to schedule iMessages and SMS messages. F.e. create and send an iMessage at 9:00 and set it to deliver at 10:00. This is ideal for sending messages at off-hours without disturbing the recipient.
  • Add a check to FaceTime Audio/Video to determine if the used port-ranges are available before the user starts an outgoing call. In environments where UDP port ranges are blocked, call signaling does work, but the audio/video stream does not initiate. This is confusing for people who don't realize that this is due to (corporate) firewall rules. See this article.
  • Add a custom app to iOS for the recording of podcasts. In particular, add support for multiple (local) microphones and remote audio feeds, possibly over the FaceTime Audio protocol.
  • Make it possible to record a podcast directly into iTunes servers via GarageBand and Facetime.

App Store

  • Add the option for an app developer to respond directly to an app review. Make those responses public so all customers can see the developers response.
  • Allow hyperlinks in the app description field.
  • Make it possible to merge 2 AppleIDs. This is currently not possible, leading to issues with lost e-mail accounts, private and business accounts etc.
Play Store

Add the total number of app downloads to the app overview in the App Store. See the Google Play Store for inspiration.

  • Add more categories and sub-categories to the App Store.
  • Add sophisticated filters to the App Store, f.e. hide apps individually or by category or hide all apps with in-app purchases.
  • Add free demos to paid apps, limited in time, f.e. 30 minutes.
  • Allow for longer video previews in the App Store.
  • Allow video tutorials to be added to the app page in the App Store.
  • Allow for more screenshots per app in the App Store.
  • Make it possbile to use an iPhone or iPad to buy apps for other devices, like the AppleTV.
  • Add a visual hint to the app icons in the App Store when an app is already purchased or installed.
  • Create an 'upgrade' pricing option for users that have already paid for a previous version of the app. That way, long-time (loyal) app users don't need to pay the full app price again when upgrading.
Device type

1) Add the device type + iOS version to each comment in the App Store. This way it's easier to put performance issues in context, both for the app users, as well as the developers. See Windows Phone 8.1 for inspiration.

2) Allow for more dynamic app icons, f.e. icons that can change color or text. Currently only stock apps like Calendar and Clock can do this. See Windows Phone 8.1 Live Tiles for inspiration.

Apple Pay

  • Bring Apple Pay support to mainland Europe.
  • Allow direct payments between ApplePay users, f.e. using iMessage as the medium, or direct NFC-NFC contact.
  • Allow iOS devices to function as a payment terminal.
  • Create a map overview that shows all ApplePay accepting locations.


  • Add Apple Music support for the Nano en Shuffle iPods.
  • Creating and sharing playlists is currently not possible in Apple Music. Please add this functionality.
  • Add a slider to the initial Apple Music opening screen, allowing the user to choose between 'music to discover' and 'music I know'.
  • Make it possible to add your own radio station streams to the Music app. Optionally, allow for third-party/external lists with radio streams to be imported and automatically updated within the Music app.
  • Add a 'lossless'-tier to Apple Music, adding the ability to stream music in a lossless format (f.e. FLAC, ALAC etc).
  • Add an option to iTunes for exporting (bought) ebooks to the ePub format, optionally with 'Social DRM'.


  • Create an iCloud API that apps can use to force a full sync of iCloud data. In some cases data doesn't sync on the device, while newer data is present in iCloud; the app is then stuck with no option for the user to force a sync.
  • Increase the free storage capacity from the current 5GB to (at least) 15GB, the current free offer on Google Drive.
  • Add an extra 5GB of iCloud storage for every (new) Apple device that is added to an AppleID. Alternatively, grant iCloud storage to the size of each iDevice added to an AppleID. So 64GB iCloud storage for use with a 64GB iPhone.
  • Add functionality to debug iCloud syncing issues. Currently, there is no tool for this.
  • Create an iCloud API.


Check the Apple discussion forums for your issue. If you find a thread, include the link in your Feedback Form submission.


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