Welcome to Apple Feedback

For some years now, I've made a hobby out of sending Apple feedback on their products, services and software. Bugs, small improvements or ideas based on things I saw at competitors or other companies online.

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Some of my ideas have been implemented, some have not. I decided to create this website so my feedback could be easily viewed by anyone, which is handy due to the lack of a public issue tracker at Apple.

You're free to send me ideas or improvements you have on Apple products, but please be aware that I'm not affiliated with or an employee of Apple. Also, don't forget to send it to Apple, because after all, that's where the magic happens ;-)


Check the Apple discussion forums for your issue. If you find a thread, include the link in your Feedback Form submission.


If you experience a bug or would love to see a feature added, let Apple know! Send them your remarks, ideas or bug reports via the Feedback Form on their website.
If you're a developer, you can submit a detailed bug report via the Apple Bug Reporter.